Ciimar: Nature-based solutions for water management and ecosystem services promotion

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Sustainable urban water management urges for the use and treatment of water in an efficient and circular way. The use of nature-based solutions with the later purpose fosters the understanding of the structures and processes of ecosystems and societies. It is thus important to conceive solutions that deliver a fully integrated approach concerning their planning, design, and operation for cities.

Green roofs (GR) and floating wetlands islands (FWI), are two nature-based solutions that in an urban context play important roles concerning the ecosystem services that provide and functions that they play. Especially in coastal areas where information is scarce in order to support good practices towards application of these systems and to contribute to a strategy for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The presented approach sets environment and sustainability challenges, contributing for an integrated use of aquatic resources and mitigation of human activities impact on ecosystems, with potential economic valorization at a national and international level."