EFB webinar “Biosolar green roofs delivering for the climate and biodiversity crises“

The European Federation of Green Roof and Living Walls Associations (EFB) is an umbrella organisation for all Green Roof and Wall Associations in Europe.  Our goal is to spread awareness and available information about green roofs and walls. Therefore, we launched an online webinar series touching upon various topics related to green roofs and walls that are relevant all around Europe. We want to motivate municipalities, decision-makers and policymakers, city partners, and other important stakeholders to make cities greener and create awareness for this important topic.

More details about our previous webinars can be found here.
The webinar “Biosolar green roofs delivering for the climate and biodiversity crises” is scheduled for the 17th of April, 2024 at 4 p.m. (CET)
The speakers of the webinar:

·     Dusty Gedge (UK) – Ambassador of the EFB, independent green roof and urban biodiversity professional working with Gentian Ltd.

·     Andreas Dreisiebner (Switzerland) – CEO at Growsolutions by A777, Member of the Board of Directors at Solarspar.

·     Vera Enzi-Zechner (Austria) – Vice-President of the EFB, independent consultant.