Paulo Palha is the new President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB).

Since its foundation, it is the first time that a Portuguese assumes leadership.

The European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB), founded in 1997 by associations from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, has appointed Paulo Palha to assume its presidency. In 26 years of international activity, it is the first time that a Portuguese has been appointed to this position.

EFB aims to actively promote the use of green roofs and facades throughout Europe. The implementation of green roofs contributes to improving the quality of life in towns and cities, as vegetative roofs help in adapting to climate change and maximize socio-environmental and economic sustainability, especially in terms of energy efficiency.

With the same purpose of action, the following associations have also joined: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, England, Spain, and Serbia.

On June 30, the EFB Annual General Assembly was held in Berlin, which unanimously elected the also responsible for the National Green Roof Association as its president.

“This mandate at the helm of the European Federation will aim to promote and strengthen progress towards a sustainable future, encouraging collaboration between public managers and stakeholders to achieve this ecological transition jointly in the European Union,” emphasized Paulo Palha.

The new European leader holds a degree in Agronomic Engineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), working as a specialist in green roofs. In addition, he coordinated the working group responsible for the first Portuguese Technical Guide for the design, implementation, and maintenance of green roofs. His background in this area has endowed him with extensive experience in the environmental sector as well as European issues in the sector.