Covid-19 and Need for Environmental Measures



The conclusion of the study published in the journal "Science of the Total Environment", informs that the deaths by Covid-19 that occurred in 66 administrative regions in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, 78% of them occurred in five regions considered among the most polluted.


There is no doubt that after this pandemic, investment in measures to mitigate climate change will have to be properly considered.

Methods and systems already exist, only the ability to implement them is needed!


"The results indicate that long-term exposure to this pollutant may be one of the most important contributors to the fatality caused by the Covid-19 virus in these regions and perhaps around the world," said Yaron Ogen, author of the research, to the newspaper. "Poisoning our environment means poisoning our own body, and when we go through a period of chronic respiratory stress, our ability to defend against infections is more limited."

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