ANCV Receives Best Green Advocacy 2019 Award by Build Magazine


Last week the ANCV received a Best Green Advocacy 2019 award from Build magazine for its work among Municipalities, Universities and Companies.




ANCV develops a set of actions, such as:

- Promotion, with the Government and Municipalities, of green roofs as part of environmental and energetic strategies;

- Promotion and dissemination of scientific studies that demonstrate the many services that green roofs provide;

- Establishment of relationships and development of work with similar associations at the European level, with a special focus on those sharing the typical Mediterranean climatic conditions;

- Creation of a national database of green roofs;

- Organization and promotion of training and dissemination events;

- Technical specifications editions that promote good projects and good works;

- Dissemination of national and international studies, standards and technical guides;

- Participation in the conception and revision of national sector regulation and legislation.