Barreiro, Portugal - The first city in Portugal to create incentives for green roofing


According to CM Barreiro and Ambiente Magazine "O Barreiro is the first city in Portugal with incentives for green roofs and walls, thanks to the inclusion of incentives for this kind of projects, in the current Municipal Regulations for the Granting of Investment Incentives, recently approved by the Municipality.

The municipality, which became a member of the National Association of Green Roofs (ANCV), was concerned to incorporate in this document a set of provisions that can contribute to better environmental performance.

The commitment to environmentally and energy-sustainable practices, as evidenced by the criteria for granting investment incentives such as “green roofing and façades”, is just an innovative example of what the municipality decided to introduce in this investment incentive document. .



The regulation contemplates, among other aspects, the investment in “investment projects associated with urban operations that materialize in new construction works, and in rehabilitation works that consider the use of practices such as: privileging the efficient use of energy, solutions for rainwater collection and storage and / or for reuse of water ”.

As an “important step that meets European guidelines on environmentally sustainable city development” is how the councilman responsible for the Office of Innovation, Economic Development and Tourism characterizes the novelties introduced in the Investment Incentives Regulation. For Rui Braga, "investments in green infrastructure have significant potential to strengthen regional and urban development, including maintaining or creating jobs." "!


Regulation No. 712/2019

Municipal Regulation of Granting of Investment Incentives