WORLD GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE CONGRESS – WGIC 2017 – FROM 20th to 22nd of June in Berlin

Berlin will host the World Green Infrastructure Congress WGIC 2017 from 20th to 22nd of June 2017, in which more tan 50 speakers will give informations about Green roofs and walls and interior gardens, as well as its possible applications. The main focus relly on the sustainable construction topics, green infrastructure and ecossistemic systems, rain water uses, biodiversity, urban strategies for green buildings, maintenance, cost-benefits considerations, future cities, and many others. On the third day, will occur some visits to several reference study cases in Berlin. The goals of the event are many: besides the big knowledge exchange and the featured examples of the best practices, from specialists all over the world, it is an unic opportunity to network developing and experiences exchange between politics representatives, architecture, cities, urban planning, domestic water management, industry and real state office, manufacturers, investigation, education and associations.

Further information at the congress oficial web site: