The Czech Republic Ministry of the Environment has just launched a new support program in the construction sector for "Green Economies", which includes the funding of Green Roofs.

The funds will start on 2017 and the program should represent a significant increase in the Green Roof market in the country. This is an important step in building more sustainable and resilient cities, which reinforces the presence of Green Roofs in the European agenda of green infrastructures and ecosystem services.

The program guarantees funds for the construction of extensive and semi-intensive Green Roofs. Intensive Green Roofs will only be financed if the source of the irrigation system is non-potable water.

The incentive corresponds to a subsidy of € 18 per m2 and has the following conditions:

• The substrate must have a thickness of 80mm or more

• The vegetation layer should use a substrate appropriate to the type of green roof

• The green roof should include at least 5 autochthonous plant species

• The funding candidate should be responsible for the maintenance of the Green Roof for the long term

• Green Roofs should be designed in accordance with the Practical Guide to Green Roofing, launched by the Czech Association for Green Roofs.

The announcement follows the recent launch of the "Practical Guide to Green Roofing", created by the Czech Association of Green Roofs, a member of the European Federation of Green Roofs Associations, which ANCV is also part of. This will ensure that the future green roofs installed there can be guaranteed success constructions.

ANCV works in order to a similar reality might be possible in Portugal, with the launch of the National Guide for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs being scheduled soon.

Stay tuned!