“Construction and Maintenance of Green Roofs Project”

(ANCV and ANQIP joint release)

A successful green roof is only possible with a proper design, a perfect installation and proper maintenance.

Unfortunately, not always is verified a complete success in green roofing, mainly due to basic errors, from design, installation, and maintenance.

In addition, there is lack of national technical guides as a basis for a proper inspection of these processes, particularly by the municipal departments that approve them, or the companies that supervise them.

These were the main reasons that led an (interdisciplinary) group of technicians and volunteers, to develop a technical guide to support the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs. This task, which lasts for almost two years, will soon be available for purchase.

One of the goals to be achieved is the adoption of the guide by local authorities, so as to provide the supervisor technicians with a basic tool in the analysis and approval of the constructive details proposed by designers and contractors.

It should be noticed that this guide, which will now be released, is based on the most demanding world standards that has also been the basis of the same type of standards, in several countries.

Soon, you will be able to acquire the technical guide of green roofs (landscaped roofs), and the income will serve to boost the activity of ANCV!

Be aware!