Valongo Municipality

Valongo, A territory to discover


Valongo, a municipality with 75 square kilometers and more than 180 years of history, where the cities of Alfena, Ermesinde, and Valongo and the towns of Campo and Sobrado coexist, whose genesis dates back to the Paleozoic Era, when trilobites (living beings before the dinosaurs) populated the Earth.

Valongo has a very rich and diversified identity card with unique territorial marks that affirm and distinguish the municipality in the Porto Metropolitan Area, highlighting the centuries-old tradition of Biscoito and Regueifa, the art of the Traditional Portuguese Toy, the spectacular tradition of the Festival Bugiadas and Mouriscadas, the Slate, the Religious Monuments and the beauty of the Santa Justa and Pias Mountains, the main entrance to the Serra das Porto Park.

With about 100 thousand inhabitants, Valongo has a strategic location in the metropolitan region, with excellent accessibility, proximity to the International Airport, Porto de Mar and the second largest city in the country, a tourist destination that receives millions of tourists per year.

Today Valongo is strategically aiming at building a qualified, balanced and catalytic territory, prepared to welcome investment, promote the settlement of people and attract tourists.

The Valongo Municipality's mission is to improve people's quality of life, the performance conditions of all local partners and the strategic affirmation of all the values ​​of the municipal territory, and the purpose of building a municipality centered on people and prepared for overcome the challenges of competitiveness, innovation and modernity, within the framework of sustainable development.

Aware of the importance of green spaces in the urban environment and its contribution to the sustainability, present and future, of the citizens, the Municipality of Valongo decided to join the National Association of Green Roofs in order to contribute to promoting the creation and maintenance of green infrastructures , in line with the values ​​on which its action is based: Valuing people; Territorial competitiveness; Environmental sustainability; Quality; Efficiency; Transparency and Citizen Participation.



Câmara Municipal de Valongo

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