SOPREMA is a company whose main business is the design of waterproofing products for all types of buildings.

For more than a century, it has been providing waterproofing products to the construction market and is constantly developing to improve and innovate in the quality and performance of its products and systems. With its experience in the area of ​​waterproofing, SOPREMA has diversified and has also invested in the thermal and acoustic insulation sector, complemented by drainage systems.

It presents global and specialized solutions always looking to face new challenges for the future. Concepts such as energy performance and responsible construction have been central to SOPREMA's positioning, materialized in solutions adapted to the building, such as green roofs.

The green roofs developed by Soprema, in addition to all their inherent technical and environmental qualities - air quality, biodiversity, urban cooling, stormwater management, among others - offer buildings complete, integrated and value-added integrators, namely aesthetic value with the corresponding social impact.



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