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The 7 strengths of the rock


Why rock wool?

Rock and civilization were made for each other. ROCKWOOL makes the most of this relationship to improve our health, well-being and comfort.

Fire Resilience | Welcome to homes with incorporated tranquillity

ROCKWOOL insulation is extremely fire resistant, withstands temperatures above 1000 °C. It works to contain fire and prevent it from spreading. At the same time, it does not contribute to the emission of significant amounts of toxic fumes.

Thermal properties | The ideal temperature, whatever the weather outside

ROCKWOOL insulation is a highly flexible material that works in all spaces as an attenuator against temperature fluctuations. By reducing airflow and thermal flow, our products maintain their shape and density and therefore provide maximum performance throughout the life of the building.


Acoustic services | Blocks, absorbs or enhances sounds.

Protection from unwanted noise can have a positive effect on our physiology, learning ability and social behaviour. ROCKWOOL products are of high density, which makes them extremely resistant to airflow and excellent at reducing noise and absorbing sound, allowing even the noisiest infrastructure to become quieter.



Robustness | Welcome to buildings that see the future

ROCKWOOL insulation has a unique physical structure, which maintains its shape and strength despite changes in temperature or humidity. This dimensional stability allows its performance to always be the same, decade after decade, ensuring savings in maintenance throughout the life of the building. Due to its smart fiber structure, rockwool from ROCKWOOL is also easy to install.


Aesthetics | Combination of performance and aesthetics

With a combination of aesthetics and high product performance, ROCKWOOL can create these harmonious spaces that also protect and promote fire safety, acoustic and thermal performance, along with robustness and circularity.

Waterfront properties | Management of our most valuable resource

Rock wool can be crafted to absorb or repel water as needed, as well as recirculating it in a greenhouse, solving a number of water management problems. Our products help farmers around the world produce fresh produce - using 75 percent less water than farmers who produce from the land.

Circularity | Reusable and recyclable materials

Rock is one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet, but we still need to make better use of our planet's resources. The construction sector produces a third of all waste, much of which currently ends up in landfills. Therefore, we have to prevent our construction products from becoming waste.

We do this by manufacturing recyclable and durable products and offering a recycling service.


Sustainability and circularity

Sustainability and circularity | Sustainable products

In a circular economy, products should be used for as long as possible – and reused whenever possible when they reach the end of their useful life. We provide durable building solutions such as insolation, acoustic ceilings and exterior facades that can be recycled indefinitely.

We use a natural product, volcanic rock, to return what we take from nature. Thanks to the unique durability and recyclability of ROCKWOOL products, we can help our customers create stronger buildings and cities that ultimately enrich modern life.

Our products can be easily removed when a building is renovated or demolished and recycled to produce new products. In fact, rock wool can be recycled over and over into new rock wool. This is an important element of a “circular” business model - another way you can be part of our vision of sustainable cities in the future.


25 year warranty

What will happen in the next 25 years? |We don't know, but ROCKWOOL will be here

ROCKWOOL offers a 25-year warranty on dual density products for flat roofing.

A lot can happen in 25 years. If we look back a little, we will see the impressive advances that humanity has made: smartphones, Wi-Fi, hybrid cars, virtual reality, etc. In the construction sector, many changes can also take place in 25 years. There may be regulatory changes, including changes in building ownership, prices or even climate change.


ROCKWOOL products were designed to withstand all these changes and continue to offer the same benefits over time.

In summary, we don't know what changes await us in the next 25 years, but what we can guarantee is that ROCKWOOL will be here to see you.

The durability of ROCKWOOL products maintains their performance over time, combining energy efficiency, thermal comfort and fire protection. thermal comfort and fire protection. In order to offer the most complete solutions, ROCKWOOL guarantees that its dual density products for flat roofing products maintain the following performance after performance characteristics over 25 years:



  • Thermal performance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Performance in case of fire



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