Rua João da Maia nº 540
4475-643 Maia
(00351) 931 645 040

Portuguese School of Macau

In 1998, Portuguese School of Macau became the heir of three teaching institutions in Portuguese: the Escola Primária Oficial, the Escola Comercial and the Liceu de Macau.

The Portuguese School of Macau fulfills, above all, the mission of guaranteeing the students who attend it a level of schooling and the same effects as any other school integrated in the Portuguese education system. However, the performance of this essential and original mission will have to be interpreted and implemented in the light and under the imposition of the historical, cultural and geographical circumstances that surround it and that, necessarily, give it a specific face and character.

The Escola Portuguesa de Macau trains young people and responsible citizens and, therefore, has as one of its main priorities the development of students with a critical sense and environmental awareness, working on themes related to sustainability from the youngest to the oldest students. Proof of this are the numerous projects developed by the institution in the different cycles that attend it.



Avenida do Infante D. Henrique, Macau



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