Nexclay has been increasingly used in landscaping projects, not only with the aim of creating the necessary conditions for the good development of plants, but also as a decorative element due to its color and shape.

Its application on green roofs and landscaped terraces promotes the increase of biodiversity by providing the production of oxygen and absorption of atmospheric pollution, contributing in this way for a more sustainable ecosystem.

Nexclay expanded clay is a natural and porous product, it does not decompose or rot, it is light and capable of storing a certain amount of moisture, which is slowly released.

Nexclay does not overload the structure, helps to regulate humidity and improves the thermal and acoustic efficiency of the building, which allows for a reduction in energy costs. offers also, a natural protection to the system and increases the useful life of the materials used in waterproofing and insulation.

Drainage is an important element in the preservation and durability of green roofs and gardens. The use of Nexclay allows a quick disposal of excess
water, due to the small spaces between the clay balls, preventing water from accumulating in the substrate, which helps the plant roots to breathe.


  • Green roofs
  • Horticulture (Agriculture and gardening)
  • Substrate and coverings of landscaped areas
  • Terrace gardens and flower beds
  • Cultivated beds
  • Hydroculture or hydroponics

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