MatosinhosHabit, more than a Housing Complex management company

MatosinhosHabit bases its action on the fundamental right to housing, which includes urban rehabilitation, in addition to providing decent residence for all citizens. It is also responsible for projects for social development and integration and for the continuous improvement of the population's quality of life, in addition to the management of municipal buildings.


Provide decent housing for all citizens of Matosinhos.

The execution of Housing Programs, support for the construction and acquisition of controlled-cost housing, the signing of agreements between partner entities, the integral management of the housing stock and the promotion of a multidisciplinary, flexible and competent organizational structure.

Creativity – Innovation – Transparency – Proximity – Rigor



In line with its sustainable development policy, the Municipal Housing Company of Matosinhos seeks to reduce the environmental impact of its activity and, as part of its participation in the European Social Green Project, has adopted a concept of using materials that allow the transition from a linear economy for a circular economy, where the construction materials used in the rehabilitation of your Housing Park can later be reused or recovered through their recovery. Also in the field of the environment, it was awarded the “Green Heart” certificate by LIPOR, taking into account the company's environmental performance in the adoption and implementation of good practices among all employees.

MatosinhosHabit is also one of the entities that integrates the “Ambiente Portugal” platform (, where it presents its environmental management policy, also sharing some of the initiatives that it has been developing. to develop, in particular the Bank of Goods | CREW (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste Recovery Centers) and the implementation of several community gardens in housing developments.