The evolution in contemporary lifestyles and modern architecture has transformed the concept of roofs to such an extent that they are now a combination of their primary function, to provide protection and security, and a real sense of residential value and quality of life. Roofs, balconies and terraces are becoming more like an extension of the inside of our homes; multi-functional spaces where we spend our spare time in pleasant surroundings. Mapei has always had a keen eye for the requirements of new design trends and proposes a wide range of original waterproofing systems that are ideal for use on new structures and for repairing and renovating existing balconies, terraces and roofs.


In the lasts years, Mapei has developed a series of products and systems that contribute for reduction of Heat Island phenomenon and for the eco-sustainable building. Solutions that may be grouped together into two macro categories:

GREEN ROOF, products to create roof gardens and green areas;
COOL ROOF, products characterised by their highly reflective white colour that helps reduce the surface temperature compared with a similar covering material in a darker colour.

The systems proposed by Mapei comply with current European standards covering this sector (CEN/TS 14416 and ASTM Standard E903, ASTM Standard C 1371 and ASTM Standard E 1980) and have also been tested by important research bodies and institutes.

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