Living Walls by Minigarden

Quizcamp is a Portuguese company that develops and manufactures ecological and sustainable systems for growing plants, originating from agriculture and 100% Made in Portugal; among which stands out the Vertical Modular System sold under the Minigarden® brand.


We recently created a new business area, the installation and maintenance service for Vertical Gardens, Living Walls by Minigarden. We aim to be the reference in the installation and maintenance of Vertical Gardens in Portugal, offering a turnkey solution to our customers and guaranteeing their maintenance. The Minigarden® Vertical System, manufactured in Portugal, has numerous competitive advantages.

Minigarden® Vertical System products are integrated and differentiating solutions for vertical gardens, recommended for architectural, landscaping and design/decoration projects. The versatility and reliability of the system allows it to be installed in outdoor and indoor spaces; characterized by effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources, it meets the growing demand for innovative solutions that respect the environment.



The Minigarden® Vertical System is available worldwide with integrated solutions comprising three main areas:

  • Support for the development of projects in the study and design phase.
  • Availability of training to support/train technicians and installation companies with the technical precepts of the various aspects involving installations with the System.
  • Availability of technical support for all projects in the installation phase.

The modules of the Minigarden® System are suitable for coating practically all types of surfaces, being partially self-supporting, they allow the construction of self-supporting structures, such as double-sided ones; they have a long life cycle and have watertight walls making them ideal for bioclimatic architecture projects and ventilated façades.

These characteristics allow the harmonious integration of installations with the Minigarden® system in buildings, contributing to the protection of facades, energy efficiency, thermal comfort, acoustic comfort and air quality.

With the Minigarden System it is possible to create sustainable green environments: naturalizing buildings, landscaping surfaces, adding life to spaces, namely urban spaces.


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