Landlab emerges in 2008, result of the world-wide research work and the projects and works of various technicians linked to sustainable construction, green spaces, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

The aim of Landlab is to make available to other technicians and companies in the areas of construction and green spaces, systems and products that, demonstrably, solve project situations and works related to:

  • Walls and green roofs;
  • Rainwater management and drainage
  • Noise – acoustic barriers

It is a Portuguese company and exporter, with three levels of action:

  1. Presentation and development of unique solutions dedicated to green spaces and sustainable construction;
  2. Provide technical support for all the systems and products it commercializes. Not being an installer, it develops a certified installer’s network and provides support to all companies that are interested in the installation of commercialized systems;
  3. Organization of training courses in the areas it develops, in order to provide technicians and installers with the most current knowledge and each area.




ANCV is not responsible for the products or services provided by the company members.


Rua das Amoreiras, 155, S3
4460-227 S. da Hora

tel +351 229537165

(+351) 93 2468 118 

(+351) 91 067 0205