Founded in 1924, Enke has distinguished itself over nine decades in the demanding German market as one of the market leaders in the field of waterproofing and coating of roofs, terraces and balconies. Nowadays, in addition to the German market, Enke is known in much of Europe for its products of high quality and easy application, having established in several countries effective distribution structures.

For the area of ​​landscaped roofs, where waterproofing plays a key role, we provide the Enkopur solution, duly tested and certified in accordance with FLL standards. Enkopur is a waterproofing applied in the liquid form, with the following advantages:

Single component, simple and quick to apply;
Highly flexible, no joints or splices;
Excellent adherence to the most common building surfaces (eg concrete, metal, wood or asphalt screens);
Fits to any shape – ideal for waterproofing of ends and singular points;
Permeable to water steam and UV resistant;
Product with European Technical Certification (ETC);
Life expectancy of 25 years (W3)

In addition to these advantages, Enke follows directly all the projects in order to ensure the correct application of our solutions

If you opt for a landscaped roof, make sure that you choose the best solution in terms of waterproofing, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible without any setbacks. A poorly executed waterproofing puts in question all the advantages that the green roofs undoubtedly bring you.

Choose the best waterproofing solution to your next project. Choose Enkopur!




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