Danosa is a company specialized in integral solutions aiming at a sustainable construction and an improvement of the quality of housing. Founded in 1964 and present in more than 70 countries, it is considered one of the most important companies worldwide in the design of solutions and products in waterproofing, acoustic and thermal insulation in buildings and civil works.

By proposing different systems to ensure watertightness, thermal insulation of building enclosures as well as acoustic insulation of interior spaces, correct natural lighting and fire protection, if necessary. All these proposals derive from the consolidated experience of more than 50 years of presence in the sector. Danosa products and systems are certified and evaluated by different European bodies duly recognized for the serenity of all building agents.

Danosa as a manufacturer of various products, from waterproofing and insulation to its complementary geotextiles and drainage, allows to present an integral solution for garden cover; the importance of a system being supplied globally by the same manufacturer is thus emphasized, the whole of the system being aware of the behavior and performance of the solution as a whole and not only of a product in isolation.

Danosa excels at the quality and innovation of its products, as well as the strong relationship with its partners. A company that does not demonstrate its value only in the complete solutions that it presents to its partners, but in the accompaniment that it offers to them throughout all the phases of a project.


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