In a demanding and competitive global market, it is necessary to bring together the most experienced, used to facing the greatest challenges.

It was with this motivation that CAPEX was born, at the end of 2012, taking advantage of the knowledge and experience accumulated by its employees over the last decades, in the execution of the largest construction projects carried out in Portugal, using the most current waterproofing and insulation solutions thermal and building rehabilitation, in the area of ​​housing, industry, large commercial surfaces and companies with large built heritage that need an experienced partner who recommends and implements the most appropriate solutions.

With civil construction playing a key role in the search, development and implementation of more efficient solutions that reduce the environmental impact, CAPEX – Engenharia decided to make its contribution by channeling its vast knowledge into waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions for roofs greens, creating the AGRICULT brand in 2017.

We develop partnerships with several entities that guarantee the client a personalized, differentiated and complete service: from waterproofing to green roofing.



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