100% natural product

Expanded cork agglomerate is a sustainable material for sustainable construction.


Simultaneous thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation


Durability and Recycling

Virtually unlimited durability, maintaining technical characteristics.

High Thermal Inertia

Ability to increase Thermal Delay (or lag) and Reduce Thermal Amplitude.


Indoor Air Quality

The material is rated A + according to French regulations.


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Negative carbon

The high CO2 sequestration determines that the material's carbon footprint is negative.


Very low built-in energy

93% of energy consumption in the manufacture of the product is biomass that results from the process itself.



Thermal resistance of the roofing solution equal to 1.96 m2ºC / W, not considering the surface and slab resistances. Calculation value for saturated materials;

The simulations in a bioclimatic chamber reveal that, after a period of precipitation, the system recovers quickly to a behavior similar to that registered under normal conditions (without precipitation);

Maximum vertical drainage capacity above 20 liters / (min.m2) or 20 mm / min;
Retention capacity above 17 liters / m2;

Isolation to aerial sounds, determined in vertical acoustic chambers (EN ISO 10140), RW = 59 (-2; -8; -1; -8) dB. Result obtained with a reference slab.



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