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Porto Fifth Facade Project


PQAP is a project between ANCV - Associação Nacional de Coberturas Verdes and the Porto City Hall, which began in August 2016 and will last 12 months. The main objective is to define which models the City Hall should follow to include the green infrastructures in the city, in particular the green roofs, in the urban planning, environmental and green spaces strategies of the city.

For a first phase the intention is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Transmission of learning from two model cities: London, England, and Linz, Austria;
  • Definition of priority areas of the city of Porto to define a global strategy;
  • Quantification of the stock of existing green roofs in Porto;
  • Analysis, through remote sensing, of buildings with potential to receive green roofs;
  • Selection of three municipal buildings to receive green roofs, as model buildings;
  • Coordination with the research teams selected to develop studies on model buildings;
  • Preparation of a technical guide for green roofs to support this strategy.

Many international examples that include a strategy for green infrastructure show that with political will and persistence it is possible to change the fate of modern cities.

With this project, it is expected that Porto will become the first Portuguese city to accept the challenge of going beyond the level of performance and maintenance control of these infrastructures.


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